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Tuan Pham, Managing Partner

Tuan Pham relocated to Las Vegas from Massachusetts in 2002, bringing with him a wealth of skills, and experience in the Insurance and Financial Service industry.

Since 1983, his mission has always been to help his clients, address their specific financial and insurance needs by avoiding the complex lingo that often confuses the clients. His unique practice focus on how to help clients find money in their own budget that are currently transferring out of their household unknowingly and unnecessarily. Once Tuan help clients find the money, he can show them how to redirect, save and grow the money in a tax-free manner so that the money not only grows tax-deferred, but when they withdraw and spend the money, it is also tax-free. By doing this, he can help clients build a plan such that they:
a- never lose money
b- can extend how long the money lasts in retirement so that they don’t run out of money
c- are able to increase their projected retirement income
d- and pay less in overall taxes.

Tuan’s awards and recognition attest to his excellence in the Insurance and Financial Service Industry and his dedication to his clients. These include:
• Several “Top Producer Awards” granted by the insurance and financial industry—both at the state and national level.
• Recognition as the “Most Intriguing Entrepreneur in Central Massachusetts” by the Business Digest, a state business publication
• Recognition as 2004’s “Best Small Business Firm” by the Greater Las Vegas Asian Pacific Community
• Recognition by Minority Congressional Committee on Business Advisory Council as the “2004 Businessman of The Year"
• Recognition as 2005’s Honorary Chairman of Minority Congressional Committee on Business Advisory Council for the State of Nevada
Furthermore, his attainments were published in the Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2005 issue.

As to his service to the community, he is recognized for his dedication to improving the well-being of the people in the greater Las Vegas area. He has served as Honorary Chairman of The Nevada Business Advisory Council. Also he served as an advocate for his community in expressing its concerns to federal elected officials regarding tax reform issues, securitization, consumer financial protection, financial regulations, indexed annuities, the Insurance Products Act of 2009, and many other issues inherent to the insurance and financial service industry.

Tuan resides in Henderson, Nevada with his wife and his three children.

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